Q: Top 10 movies about friendship?

Top 1: Stand by me
2.The outsiders
3. Knockin` on heaven`s doors
4. Leon
5.The boy in the striped pyjamas

couldn`t remember 10. 

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Q: Hi can you recommend me some sad movies?

want to cry, huh? 

Prayers for Bobby
Christiane F.
Seven Pounds

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Q: What movie is this line from? "And I think if we fucked you'd love it"

check the other answers. please.

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Q: Yo props for answering the same question over and over about empire records.

да ибатъ я хотела. let them ask

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Q: what is the title of a movie with a a girl around 12 in bed with a 16 year old boy? in the scene shes telling him something like; we better sleep together and then maybe you will love me? do you know?

Kids (1995). I`m just not sure if you mean this one.

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