Q: Yo props for answering the same question over and over about empire records.

да ибатъ я хотела. let them ask

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Q: what is the title of a movie with a a girl around 12 in bed with a 16 year old boy? in the scene shes telling him something like; we better sleep together and then maybe you will love me? do you know?

Kids (1995). I`m just not sure if you mean this one.

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Q: Would you say kids (1975) is a good film? Is seems abit pornish to me??

a bit pornish, a bit educational (what you get when you accept something under pressure, what you get when you have an unprotected sex). you say that it`s not a good film, for me is neither a bad one.

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Q: Hi! I was wondering if you knew where those two pictures were from and it says are you getting turned on? And then good girls don't do those things Love your blog btw

That`s from Lovelace. 

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Q: What do you prefer? Virgin suicides or empire records? I havnt seen either and trying to decided which one

maybe Virgin Suicides. i would watch it now. but watch both of them.

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Q: What are the top ten movies you would recommend to me?

The Sixth Sense
Prayers for Bobby
No Coundry For Old Men
A Time To Kill
Once Upon A Time In America
American History X
Autumn Sonata
The fountain
Inglorious Basterds
Little Miss Sunshine
As I Lay Dying (but maybe read the book)

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Q: what's the movie with the line "i'm in love with you" with that girl and boy

Empire Records

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Q: To the anon asking about whores glory it's on Netflix if that helps any

i’ll just post it.

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Q: what movie is the one where Ella Fanning has red hair?

Ginger & Rosa

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Q: do you know where you can see the movie Whore’s Glory??

not on tv, for sure. download it.

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Q: Can you tell me the name if the movie that you just posted? pleaseeee 😊

The image with the sun is from The Thin Red Line. The others two (the girl and men) are from Whore’s Glory. 

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